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#[OfficiaL]Legendary-Online#Cap100#Exp130x#NewSystem#NewFellows#FGW#FW# BA#JOIN us#

#[OfficiaL]Legendary-Online#Cap100#Exp130x#NewSystem#NewFellows#FGW#FW# BA#JOIN us#

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    افتراضي #[OfficiaL]Legendary-Online#Cap100#Exp130x#NewSystem#NewFellows#FGW#FW# BA#JOIN us#

    #[OfficiaL]Legendary-Online#Cap100#Exp130x#NewSystem#NewFellows#FGW#FW# BA#JOIN us#
    #[OfficiaL]Legendary-Online#Cap100#Exp130x#NewSystem#NewFellows#FGW#FW# BA#JOIN us#
    #[OfficiaL]Legendary-Online#Cap100#Exp130x#NewSystem#NewFellows#FGW#FW# BA#JOIN us#
    #[OfficiaL]Legendary-Online#Cap100#Exp130x#NewSystem#NewFellows#FGW#FW# BA#JOIN us#


    اضغط هنا وساهم معنا في نشر الموضوع على الفيس بوك


    Hello And Welcome To Legendary-Online Official Topic
    Let us *introduce* our server
    Legendary-Online Is A PvE Cap 100 Mid,High Rate Server. Which Focuses at the end game.
    We've made New System Which Lets Our Players Have Fun Even at the end game.When you Reach The Max Lv (100)
    We've made the server a bit high rate. so players can feel its a real private server. not official one.
    and to let them have their char lvl'ed up fast. so they focus at their char etc.So in-order to make their char strong and PVP-Able
    we have set some systems.
    1-Have made new System.
    Which Consists of this:
    1-New NPCs which sells Som,Sos,Sun,Normal Weapons Near Hotan.

    The NpC's Consists of:

    2-Made High Rate Alchemy.

    3-We Have Decided to make this new system which is:

    When Someone Gets Sos +15,14,13 Can Change it to Som +5. Without any more money etc. just the weapon only not the set.
    One Guy Already have exchanged.

    Our Team:
    We've Chosen Carefully Our trust,loyalty,Pro. Levels
    1-Server Developer(DB) : [GM]Dark.
    2-Media Developer(Client) : [GM]ChaoS.
    3-Web Developer(Site) : [GM]DeviL.
    4-Security Manager (Safety) : [GM]TheViper.
    5-Manager Of AllServer (Manager) : [GM]X___X

    Now Let's Get to the rates:

    EXP : 130x
    Party EXP: 150x
    Gold : 80x
    Trade: 200x
    Drop : 70x
    Alchemy : 2x Means:
    +1~+4 = 100% Success.
    +5~+9 = 63% Success.
    +10~+14 = 35% Success.
    |You Guys have to use Lucky Powder in-order to make this Rates Working|

    So, Let us Explain you what's the LG-Coin System
    LG-coin system is.
    You hunt uniques,event uniques, buy scrolls from shopping mall ,etc.
    and kill the unique : You get.
    LG-Coin...The when you get 150 Lg-Coin. its stack-able to 200(BTW).
    you go exchange it at Lg-Shops at hotan
    Same With Equipment and Accessorys.
    You can buy aswell. Stones,Elixirs at LG-Goods.
    And you can get this coins as i said before from:
    1-Hunt uniques at the maps.
    2-Use Unique Scroll.
    3-Buy LG-coin for 20M at NPC of Hotan.
    5-Participate in Battle Arena.

    Our Item mall Consists of every new of Sro World.
    1-New Avatars

    2-New Pets*(Growth)*(UniqueScrolls)*

    3-New Pets *(Grab)*(Ride)*

    4-New Premium ++,Angel Spirit,unique summon scrolls,etc.(we've made some unique's pretend as a pet. like roc,and others.


    Lag is 98% Free.
    2% We are not sure about it :)
    Bugs are 98% aswell..
    still discovering more bugs. so we can't assure you that we have bug free server. just to make things clear :)

    Some Screenshot Like Interface :

    Starting Items:

    Next Update
    1-Add Vigors.
    2-Add Wolves to NPC.
    3-Add D10 Full Set For 1m Each part.
    4-Remove Honor Point from Items and LG-Coin. for now.
    5-Set Avatar Prices to 130 Silks.
    6-Set Roc Summon Scroll for 150Silks.
    7-Remove Silks Add-on .*
    8-Add 1M Sp to all Players.
    9-Change All Level 101+ Chars to Lv 100(Bug Fixed)
    10-Change All Mastery Lv 101+ to 0
    11-Change all Skills to Lv 0
    11-Add Grab Pet *28Days.
    12-Fix Guild Emblem.
    13-Add Jangan Cave's teleports at JG teleporter.
    14-Set Fortress War Today Night.
    15-Fixed all (No Image Icon).
    16-Closed Alexandria For Ever!
    17-Add Mobs Lv 97,98,99,[/B]100,101
    And Set their Drops to have chance at dropping LG-coins,Gold,Sun Items(High Chance).
    In Jangan. Later will give the Cordinates.
    18-Fix Alchemy +4 Bug.
    19-Fix Stones Bug.
    20-Made +5~+9 abit easier (+2%)

    Now to the links *(Hope to see you ingame)*:
    Website: Legendary-Online | Home
    Register: Legendary-Online | Register
    Download: Legendary-Online | Download
    (Please note; that you have to download full client;)


    Add Lg-Coins dropped from Every Mob in the sro Scene ;)

    That's all :)

    hope 2 see you ingame. and please say your comments and opinions about the server :)

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